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The Big Day Has Finally Arrived

Dispite Strikes, and Other Freaky Events - Here We Go!

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So the day of our departure has finally arrived. We fly out of Vancouver this evening at 8:40 pm. We land at Heathrow and have a few hours to wait for our flight to Barcelona.

Packing has been somewhat of an issue. Trying to stuff 2 weeks worth of clothing and all the other things that we just can't live without into our luggage has been difficult to say the least. I think we have each packed and repacked several times. Our checked bag can be a maximum of 50 lbs. and if you go over that weight at all, they will charge you a horrendous fee. At this point, if I can't wear it home, I won't be buying it....there is not a speck of space left in any of my bags.
While waiting for today to arrive, I have been reading the European news. Of interest to me have been a number of stories.....

·A threatened strike by British Airways cabin crew (will probably begin while we are on the cruise.)

·A General strike in Athens with 25000 people in the streets, riot police shooting off tear gas canisters, and all tourist attractions, such as the Acropolis closed.

·A potential coup attempt in Turkey, with over 30 senior military officials arrested as a precaution by the government in power.

·A large cruise ship running up a dock sideways, killing 2 or 3 and injuring a number of other passengers in Egypt (Red Sea coastline).

·A cruise ship 24 miles out of Barcelona on the way to Italy was slammed by 3 rouge waves. The front windows of a lounge on deck 5 were smashed out killing 2 passengers and injuring 14. The ship went back to Barcelona and passengers were sent home.
Video of the incident

I'm assuming that all the weird, freak and rare occurances of these events have all happened prior to our arrival. Sunny skies will be ahead, and we are going to have an AWESOME trip!

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